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[COVERAGE] Carlisle Performance & Style ’13

May 20th, 2013 by Elusive Media

Performance and Style never fails with a vast variety of cars, vendors, and contests throughout the entire weekend. P&S kicked off the weekend with a late afternoon cruise-in and the recently popular “Limbo” style contest. Even with a chance of rain for Friday night into saturday, the cars kept rolling in. Auto-X and drifting took place through the day, as showers made the track a bit more of a challenge. Ms. Carlisle P&S gets a refresh this year, as they broke the contest into 2 parts; feedback from participants and spectators all agreed it was a great change. Midday the sun breaks from the clouds, which was perfect timing as the 2nd park of Ms. Carlisle starts and shortly after the popular burnout competition, which had some hilarious and outstanding cars participating. Annie Costello takes the crown for Ms. Carlisle while Chris Taber in his ’77 Chevy Camaro. For all the winners, check out

Enjoy the photos!

Date: May 10-12th, 2013
Location: Carlisle Fairgrounds, PA
By: Erik & Scott
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