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LFL: Philadelphia Passion – 74, Toronto Triumph – 0

December 11th, 2011 by Elusive Media

Another team learns a hard lesson at the Philadelphia Passion home game. If you were a Passion fan, this was one exciting game to watch, while Triumph fans prayed to see at least see some points on the board by the end of the game. You couldn’t say the Triumph team didn’t play hard, with many fights erupting during the second half, they were determined to play hard till the bitter end.

Passion finishes with an impressive record of 4-0! Besides having a perfect winning record as their 2010-11 season, Passion sets another record with the highest score in the LFL franchise history , 74 points head of there opponents. With the playoffs at the end of January, lets hope this win takes them to all the way to a championship year.

Date: December 9th, 2011
Location: Trenton, NJ @ Sun National Bank Center
By: Erik
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LFL: Philadelphia Passion – 48 , Tampa Breeze – 0

September 12th, 2011 by Elusive Media

Since the beginning of Lingerie Football League, Passion has been becoming a stronger team each year. Last year they made it to Lingerie Bowl VIII, but being beating by the Los Angles Temptations by 1 point. Home opener for Philadelphia Passion dominating over the Tampa Breeze proves the team is back and ready to for another run at the championship. With new teams in the mix, going to be another exciting season of LFL!
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Date: September 9th, 2011
By: Erik
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1. Something we saw all night by the Passion team.
7. One hell of a catch for a touchdown!
11. Baltimore Charm checking out the competition.
12. A bit of a cat fight…

LFL: Philadelphia Passion – 60, Baltimore Charm – 6

September 18th, 2010 by Elusive Media

by: Eric & Erik
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The Philadelphia Passion opened up its 2010 season on Friday, Sept. 17, 2010, with a 60-6 win over the Baltimore Charm. Both offense and defense were unstoppable!


One of the many touchdowns.

Sacking the QB!

Autograph session.

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LFL – Philadelphia Passion Tryouts

May 9th, 2010 by Elusive Media

Date: May 9th, 2010
By: Erik
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The Philadelphia Passion had open tryouts today. Over 70 women came out to give it their all. The women were put through numerous drills to test their athletic abilities and to follow directions. The tryout lasted about 2 1/2 hours with drills run back to back. If they weren’t able to keep up, or couldn’t following instructions, you were asked to leave. The girls that made it to the end, will be asked to come back from a mini camp that will asked a few more days, which brings them one stop closer to being a part of the Philadelphia Passion team. #2 Kimberley Wheat, #3 Shelley Lashley, #4 Lauren La Bella, #6 Kim Storm, #7 Heather Perez, #14 Cheryl Fairweather, #18 Donna Ferry, and #19 Dana Dizillo were in attedance to show the ladies a bit of what it takes to make an LFL team along with some helpful tips to better their chances.

(#69 – warming up the arm)

(Part of the 2009 Philadelphia Passion)

(#45 finishing up a running drill)

( timed sprint)

( timed sprint)

(stretching before the next drill)

(reaching for the football)


(breaking the line of defense)

(tackling the the competition)

(listen carefully for the next set of drills)

(keeping the ladies active with laps around the field)

LFL – Philadelphia Passion vs Tampa Breeze

December 15th, 2009 by Elusive Media

By:  Anthony & Erik
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“Two of the league’s most promising teams with bright futures met Friday night in a classic eastern conference physical battle. In a season that has seen high-scoring across the lfl, game 13 of lfl, Friday Night Football featured a tough defensive battle as the passion held on to their playoff hopes with a 12-6 win.

The 1st half started with both teams marching down the field with impressive quarterback play behind Tampa’s Jenn Myers and Philly’s Jackie Danico. At the 14:50 mark of the 1st half, the passion drew first blood with a 8yd dart from Danico to RB Tyrah Lusby to put the passion up 6-0. not to be over-shadowed perhaps one of the best offenses in the league in Tampa answered with a Brandyce Trowell touchdown run that tied the score at 6-6. From that point, both defenses dug-in their heels and refused to allow anymore points. Philadelphia lost a key opportunity late in 1st half when their 2 minute offense collapsed.

It all came down to the last 17 minutes for both teams in the 2nd half. Fortunes turned bad for Tampa early as their franchise quarterback Jenn Myers went down with a broken ankle. Late in the 2nd half Philly added to their score with a RB Tabbi Haskins touchdown to go up 12-6. Following the passion touchdown scoring drive, Tampa’s Crawford drove the breeze offense all the way to the passion 1yd line to set up an epic 4 and 1 play to decide the game.

It was almost like a Hollywood script with the game coming down to one final play. As the teams were taking the field for the final play in true Philadelphia form, a fan threw a beer bottle at the Tampa huddle. After the fan was escorted out, the teams took the field with the famed rocky theme pumping across the speakers and the Philly fans at a fever-pitch sound. Tampa threw a pass over the middle that was caught and as the player tried to stretch over the goal line the Philly defense emerged and held Tampa inches from a game-tying score.

With only inches to spare, Philadelphia held on to their playoff lives behind great performances from game mvp Tyrah ‘the tiger’ Lusby, rb Tabbi Haskins, cb Jaime Diamond and lb Donna ‘the train’ Ferry.

Philly will now need a win in Chicago and a Miami loss to advance to the conference playoffs in Miami.” –

(warm-ups while fans start to arrive. 9pm kickoff!)

(Lets hear it for our Philadelphia Passion!)

(#12 Tiffani Powers holding on tight to stop the run.)

(No Guts, No Glory)

(#11 Shannon Bennett tries to escape from 3 Philadelphia Passion defenders.)

(Cheryl Fairweather #14, going for 1st and 10!)

(beating her opponent, Tyrah Lusby, #13, get an interception!)

(Jaime Diamonds #10, Team Captain, signs a Passion hat for a fan.)

(Philadelphia Passion on its way to #1!!)

LFL – Philadelphia Passion vs Miami Caliente

November 7th, 2009 by Elusive Media

by: Eric & Erik
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The No. 2 ranked Philadelphia Passion hosted their home opener last night against the Miami Caliente at Sovereign Bank Arena (Trenton, NJ). We were expecting offesensive fireworks from both teams, best passing combo in the league with Miami’s QB #12 Anonka Dixon to #11 WR Tina Caccavale or the sweet feet of Philly’s RB #13 Tyrah Lusby who exploded for 5 TD’s last week against New york, but last night it was all about defense. The team whose defense stepped up won the game. Both teams fought hard, but Miami’s defensive key plays resulted in a fumble and an interception that sealed the game.

(Passion’s Captain #18 Donna Ferry jumps into the field)

(The crowd are pumped up!!!)

(Break away run by Passion’s RB #13 Tyrah Lusby)

(Fighting for the frist down!)


(Miami’s #18 came to play)

(Passion’s #18 Donna Ferry and #10 Jamie Diamond stopping the run)

(NY Majesty in the house)

(Sole Miami fan in the building)

(INT by Caliente’s #11 Tina Caccavale)

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LFL – Philadelphia Passion vs New York Majesty: Another Turnpike Rivalry?

October 31st, 2009 by Elusive Media

By: Eric & Erik
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What a way to kick off the “Turnpike Rivalry” weekend. Eagles vs Giants.. Phillies vs Yankees.. Passion vs Majesty? If last nights game is an indication of how the weekend games would turn out, then the Philly fans should be very happy. Philadelphia Passion took a commanding lead from the get go and never looked back. The final score was 40-6.

(Passion’s Tyra Lusby # 13 shakes off a Majesty defender)

(Passion’s Jamie Diamonds #10 is about to drill Majesty’s #6 into the cushions.)

(Flash was in the building)

(Majesty’s QB Krystal Gray #1 drops back for a pass)

(Nice play by Passion’s Kimberly Wheat #2 to knock the footbal out of Majesty’s Marie Nicole #3)

(Majesty’s #6 shaking off a Passion defender)

(A lucky fan tackles an LFL star during halftime show)

(Majesty’s Marie Nicole #3 tries to rally the crowd before the start of the 2nd half)

(Passion’s Donna Ferry #18 celebrates after sacking the quarterback)

(Passion’s Tyra Lusby # 13 unstoppable even though surrounded by Majesty defenders)

(Big smile from Passion’s Jackie Danico #1 after winning the game)

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