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[COVERAGE] Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals

May 22nd, 2022 by Elusive Media

Carlisle Important & Performance Nationals is back! This year officially reached 1,802 cars that were on the showfield; which makes it the 3rd largest show to date! This has grown to be one of my favorite shows to attend and cover. Not only does it start off the car season strong, but there are so many unique vehicles that you just don’t see anywhere else. For example, the new 2023 Nissan Z was on display, one of the first outside of the auto shows. The Citroën 2CV is on a LA to Rome Roadtrip, 6,000+ miles, made a stop at the show. Another was the 1964 SER IIA 109 Dormobile Land Rrover, has travel the world. What great group to chat with! Be sure to take a look at the photos in the gallery! While not new this year, the passport check-ins are a great way to make sure you’ve explored the extensive fairgrounds and buildings. Drifting, Limbo, a new rolling burnout, passport models, onsite parades and tons of cars to check out….enjoy the photos!

Date: May, 13-14th, 2022
Location: Carlisle Fairgrounds, PA
By: Erik & Neil
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[COVERAGE] Carlisle Import and Performance Nationals ’21

May 21st, 2021 by Elusive Media

We are back!! Covid19 restrictions have been coming down all over the US and the Carlisle event has really felt like things are getting back to normal! Travel restrictions have come down and the attendance showed it! Import and Performance(I&P) this year was loaded, and i mean loaded with special and rare cars to check out. To name a few, Dune Buggy running the Baja 1000 (run by an all female-team), Volvo P1800 which has over 3 million miles!!, Jay Leno’s 2JetZ, Opel Rekord, Renault R5 Turbo 2, Opel Senator, and many more! I also love their new show field setup they introduced over the years. The section are now broken up into Countries; England, Germany, France, Japan, Korea, United States, Italy and Sweden. And to make sure you visited each location, you have a passport to to get stamped by their International Ambassadors. The 2 day event also packs in driving events; Drifting, Auto-X, car limbo, and rolling exhaust contest. Opel 15th annual National Meet made it their home at this years I&P. Enjoy this years photos from the wide variety of vehicles that attended!

Date: May 14-15, 2021
Location: Carlisle Fairgrounds, PA
By: Erik
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[COVERAGE] Carlisle Import and Performance Nationals ’20

August 30th, 2020 by Elusive Media

This show has always been a spring event, but 2020 has a question mark if anything was ever going to get started. Happy to see one of my favorite shows return! Such a wide variety of import cars, from your modern day JDMs to classic British roadsters! This years format was a bit scaled back as covid19 still presented some restrictions, but many still traveled from afar! If Carlisle was able to get this show off, you know it will be back next year! Congrats to Carlisle staff for putting on another great show that allowed us to come together! It was much needed for everyone, especially myself! Enjoy the photos!!

Date: August 14-16, 2020
Location: Carlisle Fairgrounds, PA
By: Erik
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[COVERAGE] Carlisle Import and Performance Nationals

May 24th, 2016 by Elusive Media

Carlisle is back at again and trying something new. Last year Performance & Style moved to a mid-summer date and this year it moves back to the spring, but with a twist! Performance & Style and Import are now combined. I personally love this idea. Being a car enthusiast, i enjoy taking photos of any well kept car and having a mix of cars that i normally don’t see at the shows i cover, this was a exciting add to the scenery. The only gripe with the whole weekend, Friday was a perfect day, while Saturday & Sunday weren’t anything close to car show weather. After all the years going to Carlisle, i’ve never had such a rainy day. Once i arrived to the fairgrounds, it rained from start to finish. Despite the weather, plenty of fellow enthusiast with pristine cars braved the weather and still came to show off their pride and joy. Burnout, Miss Carlisle, Limbo, Drift, Awards, etc, all still carried on so there was plenty to keep you distracted all day long! Already looking forward to next years show, just not a repeat of my shooting all day with an umbrella tucked under my arm!

Date: May 20-22, 2016
Location: Carlisle Fairgrounds, PA
By: Erik
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[COVERAGE] Carlisle Performance & Style ’15

July 31st, 2015 by Elusive Media

Carlisle Performance & Style returns after a 14 month break. The show has always been on mother’s day weekend, but with the absents of Bike Fest, Performance & Style had an easy spot in July to fill it in. Plus over the past few year, having P&S in early May, weather was always questionable; with the last few years cold and rainy. While we didn’t have an rain free weekend, Saturday did have a heavy down pour that lasted about 60 minutes. The rain did give a nice relief from the heat, as it was in the 90s. Performance & Style changed the way the exhaust competition worked this year. Instead of every other show I know, the car sits in place and revs, while this event had the driver drive off from a standstill. While I think it worked pretty well, they could of used a bit more room to get the rpm’s higher in 2nd gear before breaking to turn around. Look forward to see how they modify this next year. As past years, burnout is the crowd pleaser and they seemed to have a record amount of entries of fans that wanted to abuse their car for the title. Here’s a first after all the years, a surprise proposal. The first burnout contestant and the announcer had an “issue” with the insurance papework, and in the middle of getting it all sorted out, the guy gets on one knee in front of the whole grandstand, and asks his girlfriend, “Will you marry me”? …. Well done! And Congrats to both!! They also had 2 round of the beauty contest along with NICOFest drifting on the auto-x all day long. P&S also has a strong showing of car clubs, so between all that, you had your weekend full!!

Date: July 17-19th, 2015
Location: Carlisle Fairgrounds, PA
By: Erik
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[COVERAGE] Carlisle Performance & Style ’13

May 20th, 2013 by Elusive Media

Performance and Style never fails with a vast variety of cars, vendors, and contests throughout the entire weekend. P&S kicked off the weekend with a late afternoon cruise-in and the recently popular “Limbo” style contest. Even with a chance of rain for Friday night into saturday, the cars kept rolling in. Auto-X and drifting took place through the day, as showers made the track a bit more of a challenge. Ms. Carlisle P&S gets a refresh this year, as they broke the contest into 2 parts; feedback from participants and spectators all agreed it was a great change. Midday the sun breaks from the clouds, which was perfect timing as the 2nd park of Ms. Carlisle starts and shortly after the popular burnout competition, which had some hilarious and outstanding cars participating. Annie Costello takes the crown for Ms. Carlisle while Chris Taber in his ’77 Chevy Camaro. For all the winners, check out

Enjoy the photos!

Date: May 10-12th, 2013
Location: Carlisle Fairgrounds, PA
By: Erik & Scott
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[COVERAGE] Carlisle Bike Fest ’12

July 28th, 2012 by Elusive Media

Last year we were dealt a heat wave, this year temperatures were kept on the comfortable side but with a chance of rain all weekend. Even with the weather, this didn’t stop riders from all over to show of their pride and joy. Along with thousands if bikes roll into the fairgrounds, Carlisle always has a great line up of special guests, bike builds, giveaways, and bands. This year was no different, as Monster Energy Freestyle MX puts on a stunt show that has to be seen in person, where they put on 9 shows of this extreme sport on all weekend long. For anyone into wrestling Half Pint Brawlers were there to entertain along with the talented StarBoyz. If that doesn’t keep ya around the fairgrounds, giveaways from ipad, Kawasaki Ninja, Harley-Davison, and a 7 day cruise sure will. Not only did the bikes fill your ears, live bands kept the music flowing all weekend along including Charm City Devils which rocked the stage Saturday night.

Look forward to another successful weekend at Carlisle! Enjoy the photos!

Date: July 20-22nd, 2012
Location: Carlisle, PA
By: Erik
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Carlisle Performance & Style ’12

May 18th, 2012 by Elusive Media

I’m always down for a good drive, and this year’s Carlisle P&S was well worth it with the forecast finally in Performance & Style’s favor. With over 1,500 cars and close to 20,000 enthusiast, P&S is one of those shows where has something for everyone;all makes and models, from the extreme to the lightly modded rides. To kept the crowed entertained all weekend long, Starboyz returned with the stunt and (new)tire smoke show, AutoX/Drift Track presented by NICO, Bikini Contest and lastly the burnout contest are always a good way to break up the car browsing and vendor shopping. The past few years the show has had bad luck with cold and rainy weather, I’m happy to see we’ve finally broken that streak and already looking forward to next year!

Date: May 12-13th, 2012
Location: Carlisle Fairgrounds, PA
By: Erik & Scott
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Carlisle Bike Fest ’11

July 31st, 2011 by Elusive Media

That time of the year again, mid summer at Carlisle for Bike Fest! Ever year you are worried about rain, but this year, it was all about keeping hydrated. For the 3 day event, temperatures reached in the the triple digits and with humidity in the 90s, the real feel was as high as 115f. Despite the heat, there was some amazing looking bikes & plenty of vendors to keep you busy. Props to the World Famous Frisbee Dogs, StarBoyz, and the contestants for enduring the heat through the day to keep the fans entertained.

Date: July 23-25th, 2011
By: Erik
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Carlisle Performance & Style ’11

May 19th, 2011 by Elusive Media

Yet another year with rain in the forecast. Despite the chance of rain(60%), Carlisle is one of those shows i like to attend either way, because its ALWAYS a fun time.  This year Carlisle had local drifter Vaughn Gitten, Jr.  Even though there wasn’t much room on their autox course, Vaughn put on one hell of a show, and for few lucky spectators, a ride-a-long in the mustang drift car. Note: if your looking to see more drifting check out Vaughn and the other drifting at Wall, NJ for FormulaD! – June 17-18th.

This year the fans of Starboyz got to see something a bit different this year. Starboyz and Vaughn Gitten, Jr, put on a show together, between rolling burnouts, drifting around the motorcycles, or doing stunts side by side. With the extra room, Starboyz could definitely show off some more difficult stunts.

The burnout contest is always a crowd-pleaser, espically with no wind, the smoke engulfed the crowed. An import almost took the win, until American muscle stepped in and the crowd went wild. Compared to last years Bikini contest, of 3 girls(rain, 40f,high winds), this year, even though it wasn’t the best weather, it was warm enough to get some 9 brave good looking girls. Home town girl, Amanda Lawson takes Miss Carlisle P&S 2011.

Date: May 14th-15th, 2011
By: Erik & Scott
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