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[COVERAGE] DESMO Picnic & Bike Show

September 5th, 2020 by Elusive Media

DESMO BBQ…or rather Picnic this year has returned! 2020 has be an interesting year with many events posposted until next year, but thankfully things have opened up slightly to allow us to get together with our DESMO brothers and sisters. Who knows what will happens for the DESMO End of the Year dinner, so i’m happy to see some familiar faces and meeting some new ones! This year, location changed and it happens to be on the same weekend as New York International Air Show, which was taking places just a few miles away. We had plenty on the ground and in the sky to keep us entertained! Love the sounds of the Ducati’s pulling in and the F22/F35s flying overhead!

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Date: July, 27th, 2019
Location: Montgomery Fire Department, Montgomery, NY
By: Erik
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