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[COVERAGE] AMA Indy Mile Flat Track

August 25th, 2013 by Elusive Media

After many years of attending MotoGP at the Indianapolis Motorspeedway, I finally got a chance to experience where Nicky Hayden started his motorcycle career. The famous Indy Mile flat track race happens the same weekend as MotoGP and held at the Indiana State Fair. With the combination of these two events, it really draws in the crowds from all over the world! The racing doesn’t start til the evening, which works out perfect for my schedule(and the fans) as MotoGP and AMA Pro Vance & Hines Harley-Davidson series finishes late afternoon. Since this as my first time shooting this event, I quickly learned to watch out for flying debris from the bikes flying by! Thankfully my gear survived and i got some wicked shots of the races that night!! Enjoy this extra bonus coverage from MotoGP weekend!

Date: August 17th, 2013
Location: Indianapolis, IN
By: Erik
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[COVERAGE] Red Bull Indianapolis MotoGP

August 22nd, 2012 by Elusive Media

The sun is out and not a drop of rain is set for Indianapolis Motor speedway, Round10 of MotoGP Championship was set for a great weekend of racing! Over the years, rides from all classes have complained of bumpy track, so at the end of last year’s race, IMS repaved the entire inside track. Even with race weekend being rain free, Thursday the 16th, a massive thunderstorm came through the city, soaking the track and leaving the track dirty, but with the sun beating down on the fresh tarmac, fans and rides were eager to see what each rider could put down for a lap time. Rides quickly learned, even with a bump free track, MotoGP was the first to ever go around the repaved track, which lead to a very slick surface. ISM this weekend took no prisoners. Héctor Barberá returns after being out on injury, while Toni Elías Stand By in case he need to fill in. We quickly learn it was a good thing, Barberá comes out of the last turn and loses traction and land on the top of his helmet, injuring his back. Stoner during qualifying takes a fast high side which throw him off the bike, where we later find out needs surgery, but even with a fracture and torn ligaments in his right ankle, Stoner continues to race on Sunday. Nicky Hayden also takes a high sides as well which renders him unconscious and injurers his hand. Medical steps in and see him unfit to race his home race on Sunday.
Now onto Race day, which isn’t done claiming rides. Spies goes out with engine issues, Crutchlow crashes out, Randy out with bad clutch, and Pirro out as well. Even with Stoner’s enjury he fought a hard battle to take 4th, a disapointing weekend for him, but good to pick up some much needed points in the Championship. Dovizioso finish again on the podium with 3rd, while Lorenzo couldn’t keep the blistering pace of Pedrosa, winning by nearly 10 seconds. For further stats and articles from all 3 classes, head over to

Gallery includes photos from all 3 classes including AMA. Enjoy!!

Date: August 17-19th, 2012
By: Erik
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Red Bull Indianapolis MotoGP

August 30th, 2011 by Elusive Media

As everyone knows, MotoGP is my “fix”. I watch FP1,2,3 & Quali for all MotoGP races … i’d even watch moto2/125 FPs and Quali if sleep didn’t get in the way! This year was a bit different for travel arrangements, instead of driving in the day before, we flew from Newark, NJ to Indy Friday morning.  If all went well, we would have a few hours to make it to the track before the first FP would start. Of course, this wasn’t the case. After a few hours delay with our first plane, the airline decided to give us a new plane. About 2.5 hrs later, we were on our way to the Indianapolis. As we entered Indianapolis airspace, i look at the window and i see the speedway, with 125cc already on the track, dang! Not off to a good start, but we made it safe, and I’m ready to take some photos!

Besides this being the last year for 125cc(moto3 next year), Indianapolis Speedway resurfaced the entire infield of the track a few months prior to the start of race weekend. This was done because many of the riders complained about bumps around the course, but the downside of doing this without anyone riding on the track before was grip. The new problem for the weekend, was of course tire grip. As the weekend progressed and the more rides took to the track, the more rubber that was laid down to give some better grip to the riders. Thankfully the weekend was full of sun with no chance of rain to hit during race weekend.

Stoner’s dominance continues with his seventh pole position setting him up for another win at one of the tracks he’s never won at before. The Ducati team with tire wear and front end feel with both the GP11/11.1 model has hindered both riders to start higher on the grid. The Yamaha team on the the other hand, Lorenzo and Spies qualified 2nd and 3rd, which was their first first double Yamaha front row of the year.

Race day is here and like the whole weekend, the sun is out and is heating up the asphalt to a scorching 51c/123f. Stoner, Lorenzo, & Pedrosa take a charging start, and Pedrosa hoping to do a repeat of last year, but after 7 laps Stoner over takes Lorenzo then Pedrosa and stay ahead for the remainder of the race.  Even though Spies starts 2nd on the grid, him and Dovi, touch going into turn one which send him out wide. Marco Simoncelli and Nicky Hayden starts off strong but tire wear slowly start cutting back their times, and eventually Nicky has to pit to change tires to finish the race and still able to get a few points. While Rossi has is own problem worth front end feel and tire wear pushes him back to the end of the pack; At one point Rossi was in 17th to work his way back up to 10th.  Despite the bad start for Spies, he works his way back up to 3rd place by lap 16 but too far off to catch Pedrosa. Randy De Puniet ends up finishing 8th, which is his best finish of the season on his Pramac Ducati.

For a first for this year, AMA XR1200 had a race after the MotoGP races were completed. It wasn’t something i was all that up-to-date with, but it was a great bonus the crowed go to enjoy.

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Date: August 26-28th, 2011
By: Erik
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