[COVERAGE] BimmerFest East

July 22nd, 2013 by Elusive Media

It’s the 3rd year running on the East Coast, and with a larger crowd than previous years, it shows that BimmerFest is here to stay! But to be honest, I wasn’t sure of how the turnout would be. There was a 60% chance of heavy thunderstorms from NYC to Baltimore. We’ve all been there, thinking it was going to pour, not showing up and find out it was a clear sunny day. But seeing how many caravan’s were be organized, this event was going to be good either way. And thankfully the thunderstorms were no where to be seen!
Took keep your mind off the heat and keep the crowd entertained, Bimmerworld had a car unveil midday, while Miss MagnaFlow (Amanda Landry) fans could meet and get her autograph throughout the day. A BMW tattoo contest, plenty of giveaways from the many vendors, and of course the awards! Props to everyone that made this event great(Tuner Motorsports was the main sponsor) and the guy that won for highest mileage BMW at 518k miles! wow! C-ya next year BimmerFest! Lets hope its a bit cooler, at least less than 100F!

Date: July 20th, 2013
Location: Ripken Stadium, Aberdeen, MD
By: Erik
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