LFL – Seattle Mist vs Los Angeles Temptation

December 2nd, 2009 by Elusive Media

By:  Sevan & Dwight
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After the sun set in Los Angeles on November 27th 2009 the Sports Arena filled with wild sports fans as the LA Temptations faced off against the undefeated Seattle Mist in a game that was action packed till the very last second. Seattle mist started the game off with an easy touchdown, but that didn’t last long as the LA Temptations worked their way back. Hard tackle after hard tackle got the crowd up on their feet.

Both teams went head to head with energy radiating into the crowd. It was a battle to the very end, but the Seattle Mist just could not hold off the LA Temptation and their  will to win.  As Lindsey Blaine from the Seattle Mist suffered an injury to her chin in the first half, the Mist where forced to make some changes. But no matter what changes they made it was not enough to hold back the LA Temptation as they went on to win the game 26-20.

(LA Temptation war dance before the game.)

(Seattle Mists QB Natasha Lindsey looking for an open receiver.)

(Breaking the tackle to complete the run.

(Temptations QB Joey Davenport running the ball.)

(Temptation ‘D’ is in effect.)

(Britanie Degarbott of the Temptations getting sacked from behind.)

(Blue 54 hut hut HIKE!.)

(Temptation celebrating the win with a quick high five session with the fans.)


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  1. jamie michelle says:

    hey i was the brunette referee at this game seattle at la .. and i was wondering if by any chance u guys had any pics of us reffss thanks sooo much for your time .. jamie michelle
    310 xxx xxxx

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