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Showtime AutoSports @ Orange County Choppers

June 30th, 2009 by Elusive Media

Date: 06/28/09
By: Erik
Gallery: Click Here

The front of OCC’s new shop. Through the front doors you enter their huge gift shop with many of their theme motorcycles and other custom bikes for sale.

panoramic of the new shop… the right hand side is where all the tv bikes are kept…sadly no pix allowed, but i did see them wit my own eyes! Did i mention the tour was free? — click for larger img!

Not sure if anyone told ya Jeff, but they don’t make snow during the summer! Lose the rack!  — Car looks good!

Always had a thing for the 280Z’s …this one sure does grabs your attention.

G35 Coupes representing!

9/11 – we will never forget!