LFL – Philadelphia Passion Tryouts

May 9th, 2010 by Elusive Media

Date: May 9th, 2010
By: Erik
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The Philadelphia Passion had open tryouts today. Over 70 women came out to give it their all. The women were put through numerous drills to test their athletic abilities and to follow directions. The tryout lasted about 2 1/2 hours with drills run back to back. If they weren’t able to keep up, or couldn’t following instructions, you were asked to leave. The girls that made it to the end, will be asked to come back from a mini camp that will asked a few more days, which brings them one stop closer to being a part of the Philadelphia Passion team. #2 Kimberley Wheat, #3 Shelley Lashley, #4 Lauren La Bella, #6 Kim Storm, #7 Heather Perez, #14 Cheryl Fairweather, #18 Donna Ferry, and #19 Dana Dizillo were in attedance to show the ladies a bit of what it takes to make an LFL team along with some helpful tips to better their chances.

(#69 – warming up the arm)

(Part of the 2009 Philadelphia Passion)

(#45 finishing up a running drill)

( timed sprint)

( timed sprint)

(stretching before the next drill)

(reaching for the football)


(breaking the line of defense)

(tackling the the competition)

(listen carefully for the next set of drills)

(keeping the ladies active with laps around the field)


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