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[COVERAGE] Tuner Evolution York Fest

May 7th, 2022 by Elusive Media

Tuner Evolution return back where it all started, a long 15 years ago! While the first one was held at a baseball stadium in York, this one takes place at the York Expo Center. With over 1000 space for indoor and out door space, this show would of had a huge turn out. Weather sadly wasn’t playing to kindly to the first event of the year for me. A 2.5 hr drive there, was none stop rain and it continued to rain that whole day in York. All VIPs for outdoors were able to squeeze into the indoor location at least! While it was limited to only in doors, there was plenty of new cars to check from the winter break. It also good to see friends and catch up. The one thing that Tuner Evolution always brings is the best cars in the area, so be sure to check out over 10 of their events this year throughout the US.

Date: May, 7th, 2022
Location: York Expo Center, York, PA
By: Erik & Neil
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Tuner Evolution

July 22nd, 2011 by Elusive Media

After a few year break, Tuner Evolution returns for 2011 with a great showing of some of the hottest cars, motorcycles, and models. This show had a mix for everyone one, Euro, Domestic, SUV, VIP; all touching with the performance and/or style setups. Tuner Evolution also kept the day busy with the Hooters Wing Eating and a 5lb burrito full of hot sauce competition. If food wasn’t your thing, the Flatland BMX competiton, RC Drift demo, or Motorcycle Stunts was another thing to keep you busy between looking at all the 2 and 4 wheel rides. As the sun started to set, the main stage put on some live music; from Rap to Rock, they had about everything covered. Mekno, The Riot, The 90s, Paradise Movement, Chantz Kacey, Cidy, The Substance, Tommorrow’s Yesterday, & Phene kept the music going til the bikini contest started and then finally the award ceremony.

Date: July 16th, 2011
By: Erik
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