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[COVERAGE] 35th New York International Motorcycle Show

December 22nd, 2015 by Elusive Media

The 35th Progressive International Motorcycle Show(IMS) arrived back in New York at the Jacob Javits Center to kick off the 3 day show. IMS brings you a taste of what some of the manufactures have coming down the line along with current models. We also have the return of J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Competition for its 7th year, so we have plenty of custom rides for you to drool over! As you can see IMS has something for everyone, being a new to the experienced rider and you’re surrounded by fellow motorcycle enthusiasts and manufacture experts if you have any questions on any models. Progressive Main Stage also has a slew of motorcycle racers, riding instructors, technical seminars, daredevil stunt riders, adventure touring legends, bike designers, and custom builders through out the weekend. We also are treated with our 3rd year of School of Rock playing on the stage as well; live music is always a plus! Don’t forget about the huge marketplace, which is a must! The weekend was packed with other great displays, activities, contests, so be sure to check one of their shows in there 10 stop tour! info @

Date: December 11th-13th, 2015
Location: New York, New York @ Jacob Javits Center
By: Erik
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[COVERAGE] 32nd New York International Motorcycle Show

January 20th, 2013 by Elusive Media

Progressive Insurance again sponsors this year’s International Motorcycle Show(IMS) at the Javits Center.  If your into anything on two wheels, this is the place to be this weekend! …and yes they do have 3 wheel and 4 wheels to check out as well! IMS always has a good line up of activities/shows/unveiling. Mike Wolfe from American Pickers was a special guest for Indian motorcycles with his recently restored 1938 Indian and helped announce the new engine that will be powering the next generation of Indian Motorcycles. For anyone that follows or is interested in MotoGP, the MotoGP Experience give you a look at all 3 classes including the recently CRT bikes added to the MotoGP grid. Indianapolis GP was there promoting their race and a chance to win a free weekend at the race w/ VIP and flight, one hell of a deal for the winners!! XDL Street Jam was there to promote their Championship series and put on many demonstrations throughout the weekend with head-2-head battles. IMS keeps the weekend packed with over 15 different manufactures & Marketplace for anything from accessories to the latest gear.  If your looking for any more details on the NY show or other locations check out

Date: January 18th-20th, 2013
Location: New York, New York @ Jacob Javits Center
By: Erik
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2012 New York International Auto Show

April 9th, 2012 by Elusive Media

The auto show returns to the Jacob Javits Center to show off the 2012-2013 production models, along with the concept cars. The biggest talk of the show is the return of the Dodge Viper. The 2013 SRT Viper GTS pushes out 640hp and 600lbs/torque, but between the high end exotics to the fuel efficient consumers, there is plenty to keep you busy throughout your day at the show.

Date: April 6-15, 2012
Location: New York, New York @ Javits Center
By: Erik
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31st New York International Motorcycle Show

January 25th, 2012 by Elusive Media

Progressive Insurance sponsors this year’s NY International show with a great lineup of the latest and greatest bikes from gas to full electric. This years layout was fantastic, much easier to walk for checking out the production bikes to full customized bikes in the center walk ways. Everyone loves to check out rare bikes, Dream Pavilion had exactly that, from KTM’s new sportbike, MV August F3, to a trials bike. Smages Bros, from America’s Got Talent, was there to show you what Trial bikes are all about, they put on one hell of a show! As more new riders join our community, The Learning Curve had 2 dozen free seminars to raise your “Motorcycling IQ”, from picking up your motorcycle, your gear, competition, and service/maintenance. If that wasn’t enough to keep you busy, Kawasaki Design-A-Bike, Marketplace, and guests appearances will do the job!

Date: December 20th-22nd, 2011
Location: New York, New York @ Jacob Javits Center
By: Erik
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2011 New York International Auto Show

April 23rd, 2011 by Elusive Media

That time of the year again! NYIAS! As always, i attended on Good Friday to escape the weekend crowds. The Auto show gives you the hottest concepts, along with getting a taste of all the 2012 model vehicles. To name a few that caught my attention were the Lotus Esprit, Audi R8 GT, Scion FR-S Concept, Honda CR-Z R Concept, & a few others. Feel free to post up a comment on your favorite upcoming car/suv/truck! Few pics below to give you a taste! Rest in the gallery!

Date: April 22nd, 2011
By: Erik
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1. F1 Hotness

2. Mercedes SLS 6.3 … aka gullwing

3. Ford Model  + young kid 😛

4.  BMW M1 … I’ll be keeping my e46 M3!

5. Spyker

6. Audi R8 GT

7. Models @ Jeep.

8. Honda CR-Z Concept

9. Slot Cars, haven’t done that in a good 15 yrs.

10. Fiat Model

11. Infiniti IPL G37 Coupe

12. VW Van …schweet!

13. Scion FR-S Concept

14. Kiss … and SIGNED Mini

15. Ducati 848 Evo … not sure why it was there… but love it!

29th New York International Motorcycle Show

January 24th, 2010 by Elusive Media

Date: Jan. 22-24th, 2010
By: Erik
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Cycle World kicks off the year with the 29th annual NY international Motorcycle Show.  If your located any near the NY area and a motorcycle fan, this is something worth checking out. Besides all the 2009-2010 line up for all the major/custom manufactures, there are a slew of events to keep you busy all day at the show.   Guest speakers (2006 MotoGP World Champion Nicky Hayden to custom builder Dave Perewitz), Stunt shows from Ducati, Bikes & Beats (Live Music, Tuner Girl Search, Custom Bikes), & workshops to name a few of what they had planned all weekend.

Enjoy the photos below, and check the gallery for the rest! Ride Safe!