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[COVERAGE] Carlisle Performance & Style ’15

July 31st, 2015 by Elusive Media

Carlisle Performance & Style returns after a 14 month break. The show has always been on mother’s day weekend, but with the absents of Bike Fest, Performance & Style had an easy spot in July to fill it in. Plus over the past few year, having P&S in early May, weather was always questionable; with the last few years cold and rainy. While we didn’t have an rain free weekend, Saturday did have a heavy down pour that lasted about 60 minutes. The rain did give a nice relief from the heat, as it was in the 90s. Performance & Style changed the way the exhaust competition worked this year. Instead of every other show I know, the car sits in place and revs, while this event had the driver drive off from a standstill. While I think it worked pretty well, they could of used a bit more room to get the rpm’s higher in 2nd gear before breaking to turn around. Look forward to see how they modify this next year. As past years, burnout is the crowd pleaser and they seemed to have a record amount of entries of fans that wanted to abuse their car for the title. Here’s a first after all the years, a surprise proposal. The first burnout contestant and the announcer had an “issue” with the insurance papework, and in the middle of getting it all sorted out, the guy gets on one knee in front of the whole grandstand, and asks his girlfriend, “Will you marry me”? …. Well done! And Congrats to both!! They also had 2 round of the beauty contest along with NICOFest drifting on the auto-x all day long. P&S also has a strong showing of car clubs, so between all that, you had your weekend full!!

Date: July 17-19th, 2015
Location: Carlisle Fairgrounds, PA
By: Erik
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[COVERAGE] Carlisle Performance & Style ’13

May 20th, 2013 by Elusive Media

Performance and Style never fails with a vast variety of cars, vendors, and contests throughout the entire weekend. P&S kicked off the weekend with a late afternoon cruise-in and the recently popular “Limbo” style contest. Even with a chance of rain for Friday night into saturday, the cars kept rolling in. Auto-X and drifting took place through the day, as showers made the track a bit more of a challenge. Ms. Carlisle P&S gets a refresh this year, as they broke the contest into 2 parts; feedback from participants and spectators all agreed it was a great change. Midday the sun breaks from the clouds, which was perfect timing as the 2nd park of Ms. Carlisle starts and shortly after the popular burnout competition, which had some hilarious and outstanding cars participating. Annie Costello takes the crown for Ms. Carlisle while Chris Taber in his ’77 Chevy Camaro. For all the winners, check out

Enjoy the photos!

Date: May 10-12th, 2013
Location: Carlisle Fairgrounds, PA
By: Erik & Scott
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Carlisle Performance & Style ’11

May 19th, 2011 by Elusive Media

Yet another year with rain in the forecast. Despite the chance of rain(60%), Carlisle is one of those shows i like to attend either way, because its ALWAYS a fun time.  This year Carlisle had local drifter Vaughn Gitten, Jr.  Even though there wasn’t much room on their autox course, Vaughn put on one hell of a show, and for few lucky spectators, a ride-a-long in the mustang drift car. Note: if your looking to see more drifting check out Vaughn and the other drifting at Wall, NJ for FormulaD! – June 17-18th.

This year the fans of Starboyz got to see something a bit different this year. Starboyz and Vaughn Gitten, Jr, put on a show together, between rolling burnouts, drifting around the motorcycles, or doing stunts side by side. With the extra room, Starboyz could definitely show off some more difficult stunts.

The burnout contest is always a crowd-pleaser, espically with no wind, the smoke engulfed the crowed. An import almost took the win, until American muscle stepped in and the crowd went wild. Compared to last years Bikini contest, of 3 girls(rain, 40f,high winds), this year, even though it wasn’t the best weather, it was warm enough to get some 9 brave good looking girls. Home town girl, Amanda Lawson takes Miss Carlisle P&S 2011.

Date: May 14th-15th, 2011
By: Erik & Scott
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Carlisle Performance & Style ’10

May 10th, 2010 by Elusive Media

Date: May 8th-9th, 2010
By: Erik
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Despite the passing showers in the morning, the below average temperatures,  and high winds Carlisle still pushed an impressive 1800 cars.  The key to this years P&S was to keep warm and one way to do this,  stay busy!  Autox, drifting, open dyno, drag & bass, along wit the 1500+ cars kept you quite busy to say the least. If you wanted to escape the wind, you have plenty of action going on inside the buildings. Playboy Model Jesse Lyne for autographs & pictures, RIX Magazine  Model Search, Street Glow Neon Contest, and many tricked out high end cars for your viewing pleasure. Iif you wanted to see Freestyle Motocross you will have to wait til next year as they were forced to cancel due to mother natures wrath (ie highwinds!).


Later in the evening, were were greeted by heavy cloud cover and yes, still the high winds!(it never did let up), but this did not stop the action.  The Grandstands were overflowing for the burnout competition, 99.3 KISS FM Rap Battle, Loudest Exhaust & Loudest Audio Competition, followed by lowest car & lowest truck limbo. There was a short break for Round 3 “Mystery” Club Olympics challenge, where the contestants were surprised by singing a song(picked at random) Karaoke style.  The team dressed at Ninja Turtles come away with the trophy,  lucky for them each team was apparently  tone deaf, so Round 3 was a draw in my books.  Moments before the start of this years Bikini contest, we were handed a rain shower, which sent off  many of the spectator to the warmth of their cars. While we  still had four brave girls in the bikini contest, this had to be the quickest contest i have experienced, but was needed!  Just for them getting up on stage, they all should of won something!