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[COVERAGE] MPACT Motorsports Festival – 10 Years

August 13th, 2020 by Elusive Media

MPACT East has officially turned double digits! MPACT Motorsport Festival and Car Show takes place in the Pocono Mountains at the iconic Pocono Speedway. It is August and it’s officially my first event of the summer! Yes, Covid-19 had cancelled all my previous events, but thankfully as the summer continued, rules allowed for outdoor venues to open, and the speedway was the perfect place to space everyone out! For a quick history lesson, MPACT started in 2011 and the first 3 years were located downtown Inner Harbor, Baltimore, Maryland. It was also a show where you could also run your car, not just park it. Taking place at the M&T Bank Stadium parking lot, half the lot was show and the other half was setup for Auto-X. In 2014 the show moved to the Pocono Mountains at the 2.5 mile Pocono Raceway. In my eyes this is when the show really became the Festival as we know it today. Drifting, Multiple track configurations with NASA HPDE, 1800′ Roll Racing, burnout, and of course a Judged Car Show. And don’t forget the fantastic drive to the raceway, 2hours from Philadelphia and New York City. Many caravans to join in on the drive up! Now Back to 2020, This year is number 10! And with Covid still keeping many restrictions, this was the first event for many people to attend. By early afternoon, there were drivers waiting hours to get in! But once you filled out your covid and safety form, you were greeted with those sweet engine noises, that we all missed as you came out of the Pocono Raceway Tunnel. Fantastic work from the MPACT team for pulling off this event during the extra challenging times. I’m happy to say I’ve been to all 10 and looking forward to see what they have planned for the future!

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Date: August, 8th, 2020
Location: Pocono Speedway, Long Pond, PA
By: Erik
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