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[COVERAGE] Carlisle Bike Fest ’12

July 28th, 2012 by Elusive Media

Last year we were dealt a heat wave, this year temperatures were kept on the comfortable side but with a chance of rain all weekend. Even with the weather, this didn’t stop riders from all over to show of their pride and joy. Along with thousands if bikes roll into the fairgrounds, Carlisle always has a great line up of special guests, bike builds, giveaways, and bands. This year was no different, as Monster Energy Freestyle MX puts on a stunt show that has to be seen in person, where they put on 9 shows of this extreme sport on all weekend long. For anyone into wrestling Half Pint Brawlers were there to entertain along with the talented StarBoyz. If that doesn’t keep ya around the fairgrounds, giveaways from ipad, Kawasaki Ninja, Harley-Davison, and a 7 day cruise sure will. Not only did the bikes fill your ears, live bands kept the music flowing all weekend along including Charm City Devils which rocked the stage Saturday night.

Look forward to another successful weekend at Carlisle! Enjoy the photos!

Date: July 20-22nd, 2012
Location: Carlisle, PA
By: Erik
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Carlisle Bike Fest ’09

July 20th, 2009 by Elusive Media

Date: July 17-19, 2009
By: Erik

Gallery – Click here

The 2009 Carlisle Bike Fest will mimic the thousands of bikes that will be
parked on the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds, July 17-19, in two ways: diversity and excitement. Bike
Fest was created to be an event for riders of V-twins, metrics, sport bikes, choppers, custom
cruisers, and fighters – both import and domestic – and everything in between; if your passion is
motorcycles, Bike Fest will have a weekend full of excitement to enjoy, no matter what you ride.
The excitement that goes with a ride that you will feel at Bike Fest comes from a schedule jampacked
with industry displays and test rides, judged competitions, giveaways, special guests,
live music, stunt shows, charity rides and family activities that will keep both the bikers who are
riding and the guests who are walking, entertained from start to finish.

^^ anyone have a spare $250k?

^^ not sure how well this works on a motorcycle, but props for creativity.

^^ Dog has skills! Can you believe he went through 6 homes before adopted by “k9frisbee”?

^^ great day for a bikini contest as well 😉

^^ did you say you wanted another shot of #2? Well i do, she’s gorgeous!

^^ even if i had the skills to do this, i would pass.

^^ umm.. yeah, i still won’t do it!

^^ Starboyz at it again! always a crowd pleaser.

^^ shes all for the burnouts! ….and SO AM I!

^^ Well done Sir…. well done!

Plenty more photos @ the Gallery — check them out!