Carlisle Performance & Style ’10

May 10th, 2010 by Elusive Media

Date: May 8th-9th, 2010
By: Erik
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Despite the passing showers in the morning, the below average temperatures,  and high winds Carlisle still pushed an impressive 1800 cars.  The key to this years P&S was to keep warm and one way to do this,  stay busy!  Autox, drifting, open dyno, drag & bass, along wit the 1500+ cars kept you quite busy to say the least. If you wanted to escape the wind, you have plenty of action going on inside the buildings. Playboy Model Jesse Lyne for autographs & pictures, RIX Magazine  Model Search, Street Glow Neon Contest, and many tricked out high end cars for your viewing pleasure. Iif you wanted to see Freestyle Motocross you will have to wait til next year as they were forced to cancel due to mother natures wrath (ie highwinds!).


Later in the evening, were were greeted by heavy cloud cover and yes, still the high winds!(it never did let up), but this did not stop the action.  The Grandstands were overflowing for the burnout competition, 99.3 KISS FM Rap Battle, Loudest Exhaust & Loudest Audio Competition, followed by lowest car & lowest truck limbo. There was a short break for Round 3 “Mystery” Club Olympics challenge, where the contestants were surprised by singing a song(picked at random) Karaoke style.  The team dressed at Ninja Turtles come away with the trophy,  lucky for them each team was apparently  tone deaf, so Round 3 was a draw in my books.  Moments before the start of this years Bikini contest, we were handed a rain shower, which sent off  many of the spectator to the warmth of their cars. While we  still had four brave girls in the bikini contest, this had to be the quickest contest i have experienced, but was needed!  Just for them getting up on stage, they all should of won something!


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