LFL – Philadelphia Passion vs Miami Caliente

November 7th, 2009 by Elusive Media

by: Eric & Erik
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The No. 2 ranked Philadelphia Passion hosted their home opener last night against the Miami Caliente at Sovereign Bank Arena (Trenton, NJ). We were expecting offesensive fireworks from both teams, best passing combo in the league with Miami’s QB #12 Anonka Dixon to #11 WR Tina Caccavale or the sweet feet of Philly’s RB #13 Tyrah Lusby who exploded for 5 TD’s last week against New york, but last night it was all about defense. The team whose defense stepped up won the game. Both teams fought hard, but Miami’s defensive key plays resulted in a fumble and an interception that sealed the game.

(Passion’s Captain #18 Donna Ferry jumps into the field)

(The crowd are pumped up!!!)

(Break away run by Passion’s RB #13 Tyrah Lusby)

(Fighting for the frist down!)


(Miami’s #18 came to play)

(Passion’s #18 Donna Ferry and #10 Jamie Diamond stopping the run)

(NY Majesty in the house)

(Sole Miami fan in the building)

(INT by Caliente’s #11 Tina Caccavale)

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  1. Edward says:

    looked like all 500 fans there were on their feet the whole game!

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