[Coverage] RIX Magazine StreetFest 2.0

October 15th, 2017 by Elusive Media

One of the shows I’ve been looking forward to covering and with great weather to kick off the event, you know it was going to be well worth drive and wait to get into the parking garage! RIX Magazine has been in the car scene as far as I can remember and has always been showcasing the hottest cars & models on paper, online and in person. StreetFest 1.0 was a success in April and from all the chatter I’ve been hearing at other events, I knew StreetFest 2.0 would be huge! With over 700 cars and 3000 attendees, this show did not disappoint. There was a wide arrange of cars & trucks for you to check out; exotics, imports, classics, hot rods, track, race, etc. The rooftop of the garage had a stage for a DJ Battle which kept the music going along with a few singers. One of the last events of the night was the Two Step, which should always be done at night! Not only did the cars sound great, but the flames that were produced on these cars… wow! It was a crowd pleaser!! We also can’t forget about the models and vendors that were spread across all show floors. There was plenty to keep you busy! Let’s hope they come back with a 3.0 in the spring!

Date: October 7th, 2017
Location: J. Christian Bollwage Parking Garage, Elizabeth, NJ
By: Erik
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