[COVERAGE] MPACT 2017 Motorsports Festival and Car Show

August 22nd, 2017 by Elusive Media

MPACT returns to the famous Pocono Raceway for packed day of motorsport activities and a place to show off your latest build in the paddock. This unique event not only attracts the hottest ///M cars, but many exotics and high powered track day cars! High Performance Driver Education(HPDE) was there all day for drivers that signed up. National Auto Sport Association(NASA) had everything from beginner to expect levels so you can truly enjoy your car. If you wanted to check out your top speed, the 1800′ side by side rolling race is a huge crowed pleaser with one driving breaking the 200mph mark!! Drivers who signed up for this could roll race all day! Though if you weren’t ready to take your car to the track, you were able to take a ride with Sarli Motorsports Drift Taxi; S62 supercharged engine and sliding sideways is pretty exhilarating! On the opposite end, if you came to abuse your set of rear tires, the crowd judged burnout content is a great place for it. For myself, I didn’t get a chance to partake in any of the events with my car, but i did thoroughly enjoyed playing the MPACT Sim Racing Experience by Crimon Simulation; the setup everyone wishes they had at home! To break up all these activities throughout the day, i always like to visit the vendors (for the show discounts of course) and browse through the paddock to see which new cars showed up. While talking to car owners(new attendees) in the paddock, there was one common thing they all said, “I can’t wait to come back next year! It was such a good time!”. i love hearing that MPACT continues to grow and bring more car enthusiast together. Onto many more years of successful for the MPACT team!

Date: August, 12th, 2017
Location: Pocono Speedway, Long Pond, PA
By: Erik
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