[COVERAGE] Carlisle Performance & Style ’15

July 31st, 2015 by Elusive Media

Carlisle Performance & Style returns after a 14 month break. The show has always been on mother’s day weekend, but with the absents of Bike Fest, Performance & Style had an easy spot in July to fill it in. Plus over the past few year, having P&S in early May, weather was always questionable; with the last few years cold and rainy. While we didn’t have an rain free weekend, Saturday did have a heavy down pour that lasted about 60 minutes. The rain did give a nice relief from the heat, as it was in the 90s. Performance & Style changed the way the exhaust competition worked this year. Instead of every other show I know, the car sits in place and revs, while this event had the driver drive off from a standstill. While I think it worked pretty well, they could of used a bit more room to get the rpm’s higher in 2nd gear before breaking to turn around. Look forward to see how they modify this next year. As past years, burnout is the crowd pleaser and they seemed to have a record amount of entries of fans that wanted to abuse their car for the title. Here’s a first after all the years, a surprise proposal. The first burnout contestant and the announcer had an “issue” with the insurance papework, and in the middle of getting it all sorted out, the guy gets on one knee in front of the whole grandstand, and asks his girlfriend, “Will you marry me”? …. Well done! And Congrats to both!! They also had 2 round of the beauty contest along with NICOFest drifting on the auto-x all day long. P&S also has a strong showing of car clubs, so between all that, you had your weekend full!!

Date: July 17-19th, 2015
Location: Carlisle Fairgrounds, PA
By: Erik
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